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İlan Tarihi 31 Ekim 2022
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Blazer Women's Jacket Production Suitable for Export Istanbul Merter Wholesale




We have been making the production and wholesale of Blazer jackets, which means sports jackets, professionally for many years. As an Istanbul company that produces Blazer Women's Jackets, we export all over the world in accordance with exports. Meet our different women's jacket models. You can create a wholesale order by visiting our stores in Istanbul Merter district.




Blazer Women's Jacket Models





Our Blazer Women's Jacket models address both sports style and classic style professionally. The most distinctive features of Blazer Women's Jackets are metal buttons and crests on the pockets. They have a stylish appearance with these features that add a sporty air to the Blazer Women's Jackets. Our Blazer Women's Jackets are very good combinations with skirt models as well as trousers.



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